Different Coffee Bean Types and Health Benefits

Coffee is one of the high demand beverages in the world. In line with soda, juice, milk, tea, energy drink and ofcourse water. In this article, we will inform you about the different coffee bean types and health benefits.

Coffee Bean Types and Varieties

There are two fundamental types of coffee bean types on the planet, Coffee Arabica, and Coffee Robusta. About greater than 75% of the coffee bean types are sold on the planet today. Moreover these coffee bean types would be Coffea Arabica. While, the rest are Coffea Robusta. Otherwise, called Coffea Canephora.

What are the best known coffee beans?

Coffee Arabica

One of the two most famous coffee bean types. These are the higher quality beans and are alluded to as gourmet coffee. They have a large portion of the measure of caffeine as Robusta and have all the more satisfying flavors and fragrant properties. Most Arabica bean assortments are name after their nation or locale in which they are found, or began from.

Coffee Robusta

These beans are of a lower grade than Arabica, and are ordinarily developed at lower rises. They are less demanding to develop and keep up, and they are likewise more ailment safe and produce a higher yield. Robusta beans have a greater amount of an astringent flavor and contain a higher measure of caffeine.

Other coffee bean types includes:

  • Bengal coffee – Benghalensis
  • Congo coffee – Coffea congensis
  • Liberian coffee – Coffea liberica,
  • Sierra Leonian coffee – Coffea stenophylla,
  • Liberian coffee – Coffea excelsia,
  • Another Liberian coffee – Coffea bonnieri,
  • Found in Asia and Africa – Coffea gallienii
  • Found in Madagascar – Coffea mogeneti

Anyway, these coffee bean types are not usually for commercial manufacturing.

The Lifecycle of the Coffee Bean

Before the Coffee bean is ground down, peculate and immerse into our coffee mug. Hence, it undergoes a progression of procedures traversing over a time of months.


The Coffee tree begins its life as a seed. Consequently, following about two to four months. It forms into a seedling. So, at this stage the seedling needs be maneuvered carefully. Thus, ensuring the dirt stays wet and does not pull in a lot of daylight. After around 9 to year and a half the coffee tree will develop to around 12 inches tall. Three years before the tree becomes fruitful, (known as cherries). Then a further 6 years before it is completely develop and creating natural product completely. At this stage the trees are ready for collecting. This is work on physically by local people and normally all hands are on deck.


So, a decent coffee picker can get up to 50 to 60 pounds of coffee. But the normal life in multi day length for coffee tree is around 20 to 25 years. In addition, yielding around 2000 beans for every year.


When the fruits have been picked they are prepared for arranging. This should be possible in various ways relying upon the result of the required coffee taste. The principal route is for ‘Matured coffee’. Also, it includes keeping the green bean in an all around ventilated stockroom for 1-7 years. This gives the beans a less acidic taste and a syrupy wealth.


Dry Processing includes drying the fruits in the sun, at that point evacuating the mash, material and dried skin. This can about fourteen days and the beans must be ceaselessly rake to counteract buildup.

Wet Processing, this strategy includes putting the fruits in water. Any ones that coast are remove as blemished. The fruits are then squeeze by a machine which just enables the seed. Moreover, some mash to go through the openings. So, the rest of the mash is move out leaving the beans. Which are then put to dry. Leaving around 10 – 12 percent dampness content.


Machines are utilize to expel the material layer from the wet prepared coffee beans. The dry procedure includes evacuating the whole dried husk of the dried fruits


A cleaning machine is utilize to evacuate any silver skin. That remains after the hulling procedure.

Cleaning, Sorting and Grading

Before the beans are move out. They are arrange again by sizes and weight. Consequently, after that they are check again for shading blemishes or different flaws. Any beans with the scarcest defect will be move out.

Trading the Coffee

The beans are presently allude to as Green beans and are ready for sending out. There is around seven million tons of green coffee produce worldwide every year.

Tasting the Coffee

At each phase of coffee creation the coffee is more than once tried for quality and taste. This procedure is allude to as measuring and happens in a room explicitly intended for this procedure. An accomplished cupper is can taste several examples of coffee daily and still taste the inconspicuous contrasts between them.

Simmering the Coffee

The way towards broiling the coffee beans includes cooking them at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The beans are continously moving all through the whole procedure to prevent them from consuming. When they achieve a temperature of around 400 degrees. They start to turn darker and the caffeol or oil that bolts inside the bean begins to rise. This procedure is the thing that delivers the flavor and smell of the coffee. When the beans are expel from the roaster they are promptly cool down with via air or water.

Medical Advantages and Health Benefits from Coffee

Coffee is a standout amongst the most prominent refreshments around the globe, with billions of containers devoured day by day. Prepared from ground coffee beans. Coffee is delighted by portions of grown-ups in the United States as an approach to get up in the mornings. So to be alert during the day, or remain wakeful amid late evenings. In spite of its ubiquity, it has likewise been the subject of investigation and concern.

With regards to how it influences the wellbeing of the individuals who devour at least one containers every day. There are numerous effects from drinking coffee.Before, coffee has been blame for causing issues that extend from hypertension to diabetes. Luckily for coffee sweethearts, later research has changed numerous perspectives on this issue. Studies have demonstrated that coffee beans may really give various positive medical advantages.

Anti Cancer

One of the advantages of coffee beans is that they contain a cancer prevention agent called chlorogenic corrosive (CGA). Notwithstanding, different cell reinforcements. Crude beans contain around 9 percent CGA by weight, which can help with weight reduction and is a neuroprotectant. Coffee beans likewise help lessen irritation, which is related with various wellbeing concerns. What’s more, the caffeine in coffee beans gives advantages, for example, lessening cerebral pains. Understanding these medical advantages can help coffee consumers acknowledge something other than the flavor of their next measure of java.

Decreased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

By drinking stimulated or decaffeinated coffee all the time, one can possibly lessen their danger of creating type 2 diabetes. The decreased hazard is related with drinking different containers, upwards of six every day. It is trusted that the cancer prevention agents, for example, CGA. Found in coffee beans are in any event incompletely in charge of these lower rates. As indicated by certain examinations, CGA may even help keep insulin levels even.

Decreased Risk of Heart Disease

One of the all the more amazing advantages of coffee has to do with the heart. Despite the fact that coffee briefly causes an expansion in one’s circulatory strain. But, drinking two glasses every day can help keep certain cardiovascular issues, for example, heart disappointment. Caffeine may likewise help counteract aggravations or inconsistencies in a single’s heart cadence. Furthermore, there is likewise a decreased danger of stroke.

Lower Skin Cancer Risk

Harmful melanomas are the most risky and conceivably perilous type of skin malignancy and a standout amongst the most widely recognized disease types in the United States. Studies have discovered that there is possibly as much as a 20 percent lower chance when an individual beverages at least some coffee every day. The kind of coffee matters here. As the examination demonstrates that decaf coffee was not as viable. Concentrates on non-melanoma malignancy and coffee have demonstrated that individuals were 17 percent more averse to build up the most well-known type of skin disease, basal cell carcinoma, in the event that they drank at least some coffee day by day.

Lower Cancer Risk in General

It might help bring down the hazard for an assortment of malignant growths, not simply skin disease. The danger of both liver and prostate disease might diminish. For instance, as indicated by specialists, coffee consumers were 40 to 50 percent more averse to create liver disease than people who did not. Different malignant growths that might be more uncertain when you drink coffee incorporate oral, uterine, colon, and rectal disease.

Lower Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Coffee beans contain caffeine that may help diminish the danger of men building up Parkinson’s ailment. In a few, the hazard is diminish by as much as 25 percent. Ladies may likewise have a lower chance when they are not on a hormone substitution treatment. Caffeine decreases the dangers of Parkinson’s by halting the nerve cells that produce dopamine from passing on.

Live Longer

Drinking either decaf or jazzed coffee can support some live longer lives. Studies directed by both the AARP and National Cancer Institute have demonstrated that ladies and men diminish their danger of sudden passing by drinking coffee.

Summary : Coffee Bean Types and Health Benefits

So, with the long process on how our coffee are produce from coffee beans. It makes us to appreciate our morning companion even better. Also, not to mention it’s massive health benefits. There are different types of coffee beans which varies in taste and aroma. But, what is most interesting to know is the health benefits. Being a good source of anti oxidants, will keep you healthy and look younger. Because it delays the signs of ageing. Finally, always drink coffee in moderation. As coffee may be beneficial but, harmful if consumed too much.

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